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Omnivision camera modules

  • High sensitivity sensors

  • Color and monochrome

  • Connection via FFC 30 pins

  • Low power (CMOS sensor), small size, low weight

  • M12x0,5 (S-Mount) lens holder

  • Low cost

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MBS7720 MBS032 MBS034 camera modules Omnivision OV7720 Micron Aptina MT9V032 MT9V022 MT9V034 MT9V024

General description

Omnivision sensors include pixel matrix, ADC and signal processing on a single chip, known as "Camera on a chip" concept. They are made with CMOS technology for minimal size, power consumption and production cost. They deliver high quality images in various formats suited to image processing and compression for video streaming. All functions can be adjusted via I2C bus.

All camera modules are connected to the processor board via a 30 pins FFC cable as long as 200mm. Thus, the camera modude can be placed independently of the processor board or mounted on a pan/tilt platform. The pinout can be found in the module datasheets and here.

All modules include a M12x0.5 (S-Mount) lens holder. They accept a wide range of lenses, from low cost models up to high performance lenses for machine vision.

Product reference


MBS7720 datasheet

Product image

MBS7720 Omnivision OV7720 VGA CMOS sensor camera module

Board size

26 x 20 mm



Lens mount

M12 x 0.5 (S-Mount)


Omnivision OV7720

OmniPixel2® technology

product brief

sensor datasheet


VGA 640x480

QVGA 320x240


down to 40x30, VarioPixel® method

Pixel size

6.0µm x 6.0µm

Output format

YUV/YCrCb 4:2:2

RGB 565/555/444

GRB 4:2:2

Raw RGB data 8/10 bits

Optical format


Max frame rate

60 fps for VGA



Shutter type


Scan mode


Dynamic range


Additionnal features

  • Automatic image control: AEC, AGC, AWB, ABF, ABLC

  • Image quality controls

  • Frame synchronization capability

Typical use

  • Color image acquisition, processing and compression (YUV format)

  • Color target tracking, blob detection, object recognition, face detection

  • Color image segmentation

Software support

All proposed camera modules are supported on our Xscale® boards with Video For Linux V4L2 compatible drivers. The drivers are carefully optimized for highest frame rate via DMA to minimize CPU charge. Some drivers include additionnal sensor specific features that greatly enhance their performance.

MBS270 MBS320 PXA270
 PXA320 embedded vision system

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Ordering information

Product #


Unit price excl. VAT


Camera module with Omnivision OV7720 sensor and 30-pins FFC connector

29 EUR

NB: to order the old MBS7720 reference, you need now to order 3 references separetely: MBS7720-FFC + FFC0530-L100 + LENS-6MM

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MBS7720 samples

The pictures below are screen copies of MBS270 V2 demo software. Click on an image for full resolution.

Omnivision OV7720 sensor provides excellent color sensitivity as YCrCb422 pictures show. It is also possible to retrieve only luminance (Y) for further image processing: see examples in MBS270 V2 gallery.

MBS7720 YCrCb422 QVGA image MBS7720 YCrCb422 VGA image

YCrCb422 QVGA image

YCrCb422 VGA image

MBS7720 Y8 VGA image

8 bits Greyscale VGA image

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